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Producing Imaginative...Thought Provoking...Eye Catching Content


Media Consultant

Image by Rob Simmons


Creative Services Producing Imaginative, Thought Provoking & Eye Catching Content

Whether you are currently sourcing your project team or seeking third party production, Tsedtopia is your one-stop resource for quality video production. With an established portfolio and the know-how to produce results, we're ready to make your next project stand out from the crowd.


Scriptwriting - Storyboarding - Project Management & budgeting - Casting - Crewing - Location Scouting - Permitting

Video Production

Live action film & video - Lighting and Audio Packages - Camera and Equipment Packages -Award Winning Producers & Directors


Dedicated Editing Team - Graphics - Animation - Sound Design - Captioning & Transcription - Cloud-based Proofing & LTO Archiving


 Multicultural Centered Cinematic Content for Brands

  • TV and online commercials to be used in clients advertising campaign

  • Broadcast quality videos: social videos, marketing videos, and public service announcements.

  • Jingle/music production – we work with copywriters and musicians to create effective and memorable Jingles with backing tracks.

  • Product photos & videos – we provide engaging photos and videos for your eCommerce content.

  • Training and e-learning content.

Image by Yonghyun Lee


Data Driven Approach to Produce Data stories.

We use data, words, and visualizations to produce content for media projects, articles, and other video project needs to tailor message/content for our clients.


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