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My name is Tsedey, and I’m the CEO/Founder of ፀደtopia Productions. I’m a DC native. Some of you may know me as a photo and video journalist. I’ve covered topics on Lifestyle & wellness, Mental Health, Human Rights, Fairtrade, and Entertainment. I’ve hosted panel discussions to raise awareness about human rights issues and mental health illness in our community on the Tadias Magazine platform. Back in 2009 I Produced a Reality TV show, 30 Day Health Challenge and received Producer of the Year and Most Innovative Program of the Year award from the Nation’s Capital TV station, also known as DCTV in 2013.

Most of my passion projects are anchored in community building/ enrichment, and as a content creator I value working collaboratively with other creatives and telling stories that depict my community in a dignified manner.

My recent work, Repurposed, was selected for the Green & Environment category making me officially an Award-Winning Filmmaker. Thank you, Brussels Capital Film Festival. The documentary is about my experience participating in a field study at the Greater World Earthship community. I know that as members of any community we are always waiting for instructions from the Government, scientists, or industry pioneers to come up with solutions to everyday problems in our society. However, this experience taught me that each person can take the initiative to transform their community.

Now I’m super excited about launching my Production Company Tsedtopia LLC. I’m here to produce the content that is going to make your brand stands out. If you are looking for a content creator and producer for your next film, TV show, advertising campaign, content for your business, or ways to seamlessly blend data visualization story segments, Ed Tech content, or other Entertainment reach out to schedule a consultation now.  



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