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30 Day Health Challenge

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

“30 Day Health Challenge TV” Your Health is Your Wealth; aired on the Nation’s Capitol T.V.

Station also known as D.C.T.V from 2011-2013 and is now available on Vimeo

Program Summary

The 30-Day Health Challenge Reality TV show covers 3 seasons, and a total of 6 episodes. The

purpose of the show was to educate & empower people to make long-lasting healthy lifestyle

changes. The first season, we followed 3 families, and our last season was produced at Eleanor

Roosevelt High School (Greenbelt, MD) featuring 6 high school students, whom we followed for

30 days.

The first episode of each season begins with the 30Day HCTV Trivia Game Show (Jeopardy like

format) taped before a live audience; where prospective participants compete for a chance to

participate in the 30Day Health Challenge T.V. show. The questions are based on the following

topics: Nutrition, Energizing & Alkalizing, Water, pH, Additives, 8 Natural Laws of Health, etc.

Once they make it to the final round each participant has a one-on-one consultation, which

includes a body composition test, which measures muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat,

metabolic age, etc. In addition, for each participant a Live Blood Cell Demonstration, which is a

qualitative analysis of their blood sample was conducted. The finalists make a 30-day

commitment to the new life-style changes, following the 8 natural laws of health, and sticking to

the corrective diet (vegan- alkaline diet). Each participant is given a plan that tailors to their

specific health needs. The overall format was a before and after health analysis. Overall, the

takeaways from the last episodes were promising results especially for those with underlying

health conditions. They were able to reverse chronic diseases like obesity, acidosis, and diabetes.

A young boy on the show was able to discontinue the use of his nebulizer.


With the support from our sponsors, we were able to supply the finalists with a Samson juicer,

courtesy of Health Nuts (New Haven, CT), gift certificate from My Organic Market (courtesy of

College Park, MD), Wells Fargo Grant, DCTV grant, and a 4-day complementary stay at the

Lifeline Wellness Center (Courtesy of Lifeline to Africa). In addition, Principal McNeil, and

Pupil Personnel, Myra Martin including other staff at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in

Greenbelt, MD were all major supporters and facilitators to make this production a reality.


Ways to watch the episodes

  • Visit the Tsedtopia Vimeo channel

Ways to learn about the 8 natural laws of health and the corrective diet

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