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Kairos Project: Fight Culture

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Creator/Producer/Writer: Tsedey

Title: Fight Culture - We aren’t fully utilizing our cultural arsenal.

Genre: Docudrama

Log Line:

A revolutionary group of adolescent/youth, educators, sociologist/psychologist, epidemiologists examine the ‘Fight Culture’ phenomena in schools across the U.S. exploring unconventional ways to deescalate schools plagued with violence.


A determined bunch are proposing unconventional methods to diffuse violence in their schools. One of their many ambitions are to advocate for student life, and challenge school administrators to look at alternative solutions, before implementing policy that could require schools to beef up security and resemble that of a military camp or prison system. As they set out to reshape the landscape of their schools, they are faced with obstacles from students, administrators, and local politicians who have given up on finding a cure for the violence plaguing schools across America. The group is determined to test unconventional and fresh new approaches to change the trajectory of their schools, but the red tape is delaying this organic process of discovery and application.

The group examines a cohort of students in 5 different school systems around the U.S. to find the common denominator that will shed light on the overall ‘Fight Culture’ that may need redirecting before it breeds violence, bullying, and other verbal/physical abuse that students have made a way of life. This quarrying also includes dialogue about, which schools are disproportionately targeted for the school to prison pipeline.


Thanks for you support for Project the Fight Culture Project



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