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We are serving the Washington D.C. Metro area and will be delivering the baskets.

For residents living outside of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area you can expect delivery of your basket to be shipped through UPS.


ፀደtopia stands behind our gift baskets. Your complete satisfaction is our goal and will do all, within reason, to resolve customer satisfaction issues in a timely manner. Any discrepancy must be reported by EMAIL with a detailed explanation within five (5) business days of receiving goods. 

Please contact us directly if you have any issues. Thanks again for allowing us to serve your family and friends during this holiday season.


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Shadow on Concrete Wall


Frequently asked questions

What does Einhorn Collaborative focus on in its grantmaking?

To advance our mission, we focus our efforts in three interconnected, mutually reinforcing areas:

  • Bonding: Developing our capacity to form and maintain healthy relationships with a focus on programs designed to establish positive, resilient bonds and emotional connection between babies and parents from birth.
  • Bridging: Reinforcing our ability to understand ourselves and each other, and positively relate across difference, with a focus on providing adolescents with experiences that enable them to develop lifelong skills of perspective-taking and bridge-building.
  • Building: Elevating our collective story by helping Americans build a culture of connection and belonging, find common ground, and take action together with practical tools that lift up our common humanity.

​How do I apply for funding?

We proactively seek out a wide range partners for collaboration to advance our strategies, so we do not accept unsolicited funding proposals. We have found that this saves the precious time and resources of grant seekers.

Where can I learn more about your work and the work of your grantees?

Check out The Work page to learn more about what we’re working on with partners and peers to fuel a culture of connection and help Americans see our humanity in a new light.