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The basket contains a bottle of traditional ጠጘor apple cider champagne, arabica light roast coffee beans(250g), popcorn kernel (16oz), gourmet cookies, dates(250g), gourmet baklava, decadent chocolate treat, marmalade preserves, ቆሎ/ዳቦቆሎ, and personal message from you. Please add a personalized message for your receiver.

Basket size (11x7)

Overjoyed - እሰይ!

SKU: 0012
  • ፀደtopia stands behind our gift baskets. Your complete satisfaction is our goal and will do all, within reason, to resolve customer satisfaction issues in a timely manner. Any discrepancy must be reported by EMAIL with a detailed explanation within five (5) business days of receiving goods. 

    We cannot accept returns of gift baskets:Any item that is returned more than 10 business days after delivery.Any gift basket that has been opened (taken out of its plastic wrap).

  • Varies based on location.

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