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VLOG Post #1

Can you guess the location based on the "traits" and images below?

Known for...

  1. They’ve figured all the ways to use the aloe vera plant, and grow tons of it even though it’s not indigenous to their country.

  2. They are a pioneer of purified water technology, and are known for having the best drinking water.

  3. A great way to spend the evening is going to a beach tennis tournament while you’re there. They have it set up so there are several open courts in addition to the featured match.

  4. Known to be one of the safest islands.

Let me get to the point, and retire any kind of bashfulness. The irony is how often people come to this place to host a destination wedding and tie the knot on their dazzling beaches without having first sightseeing how attractive the men are. Lots of eye candy on this island, and a wide variety for such a small island. Wow! To top it off their towering physic, athletic nature, great skin with polite/respectful demeanor is the kind of conduct that makes a man more attractive.

I’m sure this aloe thing may have something to do with the beautiful skin and slender physique that was common on the island. I remember going to this spot, located minutes from where I was staying that made this blend of juice, adding aloe, and toping it off with a pinch of ground pink Himalayan salt. It was so refreshing and ideal for the desert arid climate. I still make this drink at home to this day, and have enjoyed the health benefits.

As with other trips I discovered something unique and decided to follow a lead that came up through conversation with a resident of the island. My Airbnb host, explained that the island had the best water including what came from the faucet and that I didn’t need to get bottled water. I’ve been a few places and haven’t heard anyone speak this way about their water with confidence. I decided to do a little fact checking, which landed me at the countries water plant for a tour.

TBC - If you think you can identify the country in this blog, email with subject ‘Post #1’ before 9/1/2022.

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