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Good of the Earth – terraqueous travel diaries

Traveling on purpose to explore the magic of new places both domestically & internationally isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. I can’t see things differently until I see different things.

I’m a thrill-seeker, adventurer, who’s passionate about trying new things in new places. I’m the foodie, storyteller, entrepreneur, adventurer, music and water lover, photo/video journalist all in one clip. Note, I probably won't shy away from talking about sociopolitical issues as I travel. I love resorts, but I need to see the soul of the country and feel the heartbeat of the people.

I’m passionate about experiencing new places and taking a break from the predictable to enjoy exploring the world. I find inspiration and new ideas for businesses, and story ideas everywhere I go. My life goal is to swim in the 7 seas, and so I give special emphasis to visit natural springs, waterfalls, and beautiful water ecosystems wherever I go. This awakens my spirit and makes me feel alive.

There is much to unpack about each trip so stay tuned for compelling and culturally relevant storytelling.


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